BlaaAAArrrr!! Welcome to ma Foresty place!   I'm currently living in Richmond, BC, Canada and am working on the Shadow Magic manga published by Arcana Studio.  I DON'T DO ART REQUESTS OR ART TRADES. Unless I feel like it. And these days I don't particularly have the time to attend to them, so I apologize in advance.   Be sure to check out these amazing Elfwood Artists!!!   Gillian Sein Ying Ha *drools excessively* If you haven't seen this amazing artists' amazing work, please do me a favor and go to her amazing gallery!! Absolutely beautiful manga and anime illustrations!! Stephanie Pui-Min Law Okay..... I'm left speechless by her artistic beauty... THIS is what fantasy art is all about!! *dies a hundred times in envy* Lisa Gilbert Yaaayyyy!!!! Bishi alert!! Lisa-sama is great!!! Brilliant ideas, and cool chara designs!! Go see!! Charissa Gascho Waaaiii fellow animator with KAGE! Charissa-sama has wonderful lines and super clean CGs!! Not to mention a wonderfully original style. Stephanie Wilson All right!! Another brilliant style!! Stephanie-sama's soft-style coloring still blows me away *sniffles* Eek!!! Another bishi alert!! ~March 28th 2006~ I'll try to do some new stuff this year x__x things have just been kinda stressful/tough. However, I'm open to taking a few commissions now. Please contact me if you'd like me to bring your character to life! If you have the chance, I'd love for you to check out my first published manga, Shadow Magic in comic stores now XP. You can also order an autographed copy direct from me by sending me an email ^^. ~January 7th 2006~ Sorry, not much to update. Just.. busy/playing too much Ragnarok, working on manga and singing. Volume 01 of Shadow Magic is out by Arcana Studio. Don't forget I've got a Deviant Art account if you feel like visitng.