Philipp Schlutt

Dear visitor, be welcome to the little busches within elfwood that I am aloud to call my property.Although I am drawing and “painting” since I can think (probably even longer) and friends and relatives claim that my art is good, I never had this feeling. Until now my work never meets my imagination (though I think, that most artist share this).But my self awareness rised since a part of mine settled down here in the elfwood. The first little push came when I saw my pieces in another context. And then with every comment that found its way on to my site.I grow up with super hero comics like Thor, X Men, Spider-man, Batman, and Avengers from the 1970th up to the 1990th. Their illustrators like John Byrne and Dan Green took a mayor influence on me. Later I discovered other styles that go beyond the classic-realistic of the old masters like Albrecht Dürer and the already mentioned artists.My biggest weakness is probably my impatience, it hinders me e.g. while detailing backgrounds and let me work without skeleton sketches for years. Now points 1 and 3 of my list of artistic weaknesses have been mentioned. Number 2 are hands, hairs, fur, faces with the correct expressions, meadows, trees, fall of the folds, reflections especially on metals, extreme perspectives…My indisputable prediction for warriors and fighting scenes bases surely in my comic-dominated youth. Beside that I like it to draw bodies in motion.Please feel invited to leave any kind of comment and improvement tip! Cheers, Phil.