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While thinking about drawings of orcs, dwarfs, heros, and other warriors I wanted to design unique weapons. Here is a collection of some war hammers (top left), used by dwarf clans lifing more overground near the floodplain, planes, and hills in the middle west of Landorum. They are equipped with a unusual long haft (between 1.5 to 2 meters). The lances and javelins (rest of the upper half) are quite common weapon peaces used by humans, dwarfs, centaurs, and other races all over Styrn. The bathlet-like halfmoon shaped weapon below them, is some kind of ceremonial accessory part for the priests of human-loving god Quartoom. Beside that they are very skilled in using it againt heretics.In the middle of the picture there are several battle axe heads combining stroke and stab blades with mace parts concentrated. The onces with maces are special dwarf inventions, combining their two most beloved weapon types. The stabbing blade at the pin of the axes became necessary because particular the subterranean living dwarf clans have to fight in narrow hallways and galleries. Often there is not enought space to brandish war hammers or axes effectivly againt the enemy and there probable will be atleast one dwarfen comrad in the way of the brandished weapon.The group of lances below them is also very common all over Styrn and are especially useful against troopers and knights because of the lateral blades that can be used as hooks to drag them off their mounts.Middle right there you can see a Wheeled Axe beeing the inspiration for the Paw Shield (below the axe). Both are mainly used by the amazon (to see on another drawing). The seperated "paws" or "spokes" are very useful to block stokes and wedge the enemies weapon. Meanwhile the amazons can use the other hand (usually equipped either with the shield or the axe) to debark some painful hits.The bottom right shows paw / dagger fighting gloves. This kind of weapons is very popular with rangers, trappers and other people not having use and clearance to wear larger weapons.Rough sketches done with mechanical pencils.

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