Tommaso Galmacci

Hi, im ToM, and I'm a multimedia designer who's very fond in fantasy and science fiction genres.I do my illustration (calling it 'art' may seem a little too boastful, don't you think?) in my spare time.I'm mainly inspired by classic masters of heroic fantasy style (such as Frazetta, Brom, Corben, Vallejo) and also by new masters of the field (Zug, Stawicki, Mullins), and by fantasy and sci-fi fiction in general, and also by my own role-playing game sessions...Hope you enjoy my artwork... feel free to add comments! Thanks for viewing.ToM I like Role Playing Games, Movies, Videogames, Airsoft, Bodybuilding. Favourite movies Conan the Barbarian Favourite books Conan the Conqueror by Poul Anderson Favourite music Nu-metal/Crossover