Tom Anspach

I am a network security engineer, like to homebrew my own beer, enjoy reading just about anything (mainly fantasy and historical fiction), recently started taking brazilian jiu-jitsu, play too many videogames and don't do enough yardwork.

Bold, Unsung

A reflective twist on the Hero's Quest.

The Night Fisher

A very short story about a nice guy who comes to a bad end.

The Nanobots of Nevada (or Jack and the Jump-Gate)

Netmares & Doscapes.. er, Chapter 1.

Um... well, this is actually the prologue fragment to a book I've been toying with. It's still in the rough, the beginning here's confusing, choppy, and poorly written, but hey... it's intended for laughs. Have fun.

Closet Devil

Even the occult can generate user errors.


First part of a longer story originally written as fanfic. The fanfic references have been removed as I feel the story stands well enough on its own. There are additional parts but I don't feel they're necessary.

The Exterminator

A ridiculous parody of the standard Adventurers Tavern and its modern corruption.

Rattkin, 1

A really short story I wrote up for some friends'a mine who keep pet rats. 's an odd story, but 'm an odd person.

A (Brief) Bedtime Story

A giant plant that wants to be a god.

Faery Fire

When changelings go postal in the modern workplace.