I am a network security engineer, like to homebrew my own beer, enjoy reading just about anything (mainly fantasy and historical fiction), recently started taking brazilian jiu-jitsu, play too many videogames and don't do enough yardwork.

The Night Fisher

A very short story about a nice guy who comes to a bad end.

Netmares & Doscapes.. er, Chapter 1.

Um... well, this is actually the prologue fragment to a book I've been toying with. It's still in the rough, the beginning here's confusing, choppy, and poorly written, but hey... it's intended for laughs. Have fun.


First part of a longer story originally written as fanfic. The fanfic references have been removed as I feel the story stands well enough on its own. There are additional parts but I don't feel they're necessary.

The Exterminator

A ridiculous parody of the standard Adventurers Tavern and its modern corruption.

Rattkin, 1

A really short story I wrote up for some friends'a mine who keep pet rats. 's an odd story, but 'm an odd person.

Faery Fire

When changelings go postal in the modern workplace.