Thomas Butler

Long over due for an update! (May 06) just uploaded 4 new pictures Hi, My name is Tom, I'm 46 and am temporarily in Denver CO, I've been playing with computer graphics for a while. I started a number of years ago using VISIO for work creating my own images for computer & network diagrams (I was a Network Engineer), I had problems with the quality of the stock images. But aside from Christmas cards and things like that I hadn't done any real art work in years, then around the end of 99 I started creating stuff for my son, pirates and dragons, unicorns and wizards that type of thing. I've always loved fantasy and story telling. My son William has gotten me to realize that there is still a lot of magic out there. I'm currently taking a short break from school (where I’m working towards an Anthro degree) t o work on some web design projects in the area of drug abuse prevention.  Our company is LifeLine Alliance the current project is National Substance Abuse Index or NSAIX for short a vertical portal focusing on drug abuse information when we launch in June it will be 450 pages we hope to grow it to about 1000 by year end.  Among other things I do the graphics.  Enough news, the older  pictures on this page were created mostly using Visio (a vector based diagramming tool) While I still use it for some things I mostly rely Photoshop and Illustrator or Macromedia’s Freehand/Flash tools. I hope you enjoy the work, and I still hope to get some stories out soon. Cheers!