Tomer Elias

one day in 1995 ,when i was just 9 years old, the pen in my hand started drawing monsters.. ... and it hasn't stoped since the school told my mom that stuff like that from a 9 yer old boy isn't normal and that i need help, my mom thought otherwise =] my monsters grew out of the drawings and into stories, by then it was 2001 and the band "tenacios d" came into my life and changed me artisticallly, for more then 3 years i have neglected my first form of art. 2005, just as i was getting back into the old pen and pad i got drafted, the idf (israel defence forces) is not the best place for an artist.... the first 6 months of my military service were a satback in every way..... nothing went my way. i'm still there... nut atleast now i'm drawing again. and stuff =]