Thomas Dudley

Hi, im 20 years old and live in new york and i have really been drawing alot since i started college. I am majoring in Biotech at MCC. I like drawing fantasy mostly because i like to use my imagination and i can draw things i dream up... well most of them, some of them turn out looking funny. Well anyway these are some of my most recent drawings and i really hope you artists give me some input on what i should do differently and what you do and don't like. Please be honest id like to know what i could do better. Also i might be able to start coloring some of these so if you like these check back later for some of these in color and enjoy:) I also have some that are on lined paper but last i checked they arent allowed so i might fix or redraw them or i might put them on another page i dunno. No color yet but i was working on coloring the crazy angel who knows when it will get done for now enjoy the greyscale ones :)