Latest NEWZ (27th of February, 2009):  Hello there! I haven't been very active on elfwood over the last year, but here's why... I finally have my own website! I've been working on some assignments. You can check my artwork out at www.tommiestyle.nlBe sure to leave a scrap in my blog!  Friends, people I admire or persons who are just worth mentioning becoz I wanna: Tristan , Serena, My little J, Patty 'Lynxia' Hendriks , Kimmie Marie Villimek , SKIMMIE!, The MathMagician , Just Pierce McDowell , Joan Jacobsen, Janna and Andrea from The Fantasy Shop , That guy with his weird creatures , Skitty , My Goddess , Derek A. Henderson , Melanie ~Starfire~ Teichroeb , Tashka , Carolin Emily Southern And A Spiritual Yo! To The Hyperspace Elfs That Only Reveal Themselves After A Nice Slice Of Mushroom Pie. Favourite books LOTR... there is no other! Favourite music ICP, Racoon, K's Choice (with "Laughing as I pray" by K's choice being the best song ever written)