Tony Orzech

I was born in 1959 in Vermont, USA. I have been developing my art for as long as I can remember. I have worked in almost every medium and although I can do any subject, I prefer Fantasy, Sci Fi and Historical/Mythological subjects. I have been working with the human form from the age of 13 and still consider it my favorite subject. I started drawing primarily with a number 2 pencil and although my prefered medium is oils on stretched canvas I do still use pencil but now they are the artist's graphite pencils (a full range of soft B and hard H). If you like pencil you should try them. Some of my favorite artists are: Michael Whelan, Jim Burns, J. W. Waterhouse, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Rochelle Green (G#725), among others. I am excited to have this chance to show my art here and hope you enjoy what you see. I look forward to your constructive criticism, comments or questions and I look forward to meeting you. I have more and different pieces at a new portfolio/gallery web page, I also have some prints and printed products available at These portfolios will allow me to show any of my fine art pieces, not just fantasy and sci-fi. So please stop buy and take a look.