Toris Gray

Hello there, I'm from Poland. I know my English isn't that good, but I'm doing my best. I am 21(22) years old, I'm mated with my girlfriend (awww my sweety). I'm kind of writer and poet, but I found it difficult to translate my writings into English - but poems and poetry is easier to write for me. I'm musician, but I doubt it would count here. ;) I like Anime, Manga, Go (Japanese board game), all variants of Mahjong (4 players, not match pieces)... Writing and playing guitar. Western and Eastern poetry. Card games? Favourite books Redwall series, Honor Harrington series, The Lost Fleet series, Lord of the Rings, Moorcock's books, The Witcher (pol. Wiedzmin), Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun (Tolkien's review of two poems). Favourite music METAL! Sabaton, Summoning (classy), Burzum, Rammstein, Chthonic, Alestorm, Maximum the Hormone. Cantopop! Sam Hui only, sadly. :< Of course all Hongkong, Japanese and Chinese music. And much more, Soundtracks, old R'n'R, Jazz, 60s and 70s music, etc etc. I hate Polish Rap.

The Rose of Roses

Sheng-se of 'soft' form, more romantic, Changese (fictional) poem.Hua Wusheng (Changese)Sairento Hana (Kusai language)Chang, Changese (c) TJ Gray and Adela555Sheng-se (c) TJ Gray