WARNING: Those poems are unedited. Nobody had read them before I posted them. There may be wrong usage of words and absoluely messed up grammar! Just tell me and I'll try to fix it:)) Back to the bio: I was born in Russia, in 1974, but last 13 years I live in Israel. I made up stories and played with poety from the very young age. One day I tried to translate some of it to English. Origially it was going to be a bit of English practise:) To my surprise, it turned out good. Some of my poems have pretty dark mood, because I tend to write poetry when I'm very depressed. New additions: The dark heart (8.10.04) Waiting for spring (04.07.05) Stormdragon's Bride (13.08.05) NEW: my page on ('Private Library' link) is up and running!:) Poems mostly in Russian, and some in English too (rejected by Elfwood moderators:)))

Dark Roads: Before the battle

One more sequel to 'Riding into the dark'. Past is already left behind and the future is not started yet. And you sort of hanging between them...

Drgon of the Rising Road

The Rising Road and the Dragon are, or at least were, existing items. Everything else, however, is fruit of my imagination. The real Rising Road is located in Gan Saker, one of the Jerusalem parks. The dragon-log laid there for many years, I used to say hello to it every time I went there. After writing the story I felt somewhat uneasy and went to visit the Dragon, but found the place ruined. The bushes were removed, the dirt road was covered with asphalt, and the log was gone. I only hope it didn't end up in someone's bonfire. I like to think that my dragon flew away too and one day I'll see it again:)

Dark Roads: The bleeding earth

Sort of seuel to 'Riding into the dark'.

The warrior of light

Kind of the 'mantra' of the warrior of light...

The Seer's tale

Seer speaking about some secrets of his job:)

Beware of the unicorn

Your traditional white-and-pretty unicorn, but with a twist. My first more-or-less good self-translation. I wrote this story in Russian some years ago. When I translated it, I changed it a little, to make the world in it more understandable. If you read Russian you can find original story here:

The dark heart

Some creature, seemingly consumed by evil, but still harbors the seed of good...

By the fire

Someone just lit a fire beside the road. And firelight attracted lone travelers... I guess it is just as fantasy as not fantasy:)

Get yourself a proper fate!

Hero can change his fate, can he?

Warrior's memories

In some inn sits a generic old warrior, scars from head to toe, and drinks to erase the line between his glorious past and his sad present...

Griffin's bride

One of the stories from a series I wrote in Russian.

Cloudy night (Rhyme with dragons)

It was a 'story' for picture ('Coludy night'), written on 'request' of Elfwood artist Anya Kholodova:)

Winged ship

One hot august night I got insomnia. One of the wrost things, that can happen to me is just lieing in the darkness wide awake and thinking! My mind will always land on something horrible, no matter how hard I try to prevent it. So I was chasing my mind in circles, it seemed for hours and was about to give up. And then, like magic image appeared in my mind. Winged ship, graceful as a swan, resting quetly on night-black water... NOTE: The word 'winged' here is to be read as , not , as it normally read. That will give a better sound to the poem.:)

The land of dreams and tales

A raggy poem, depressive, as always, not much to say...:)

Dark Roads: A Prayer

One more to the 'Dark roads'...

Stormdragon's Bride

Basically it's a story about air/storm dragon who is mystically attracted to a human person of high position, possibly of royalty, who wants a different fate. There is no indication if it's man or woman in the poem itself. So maybe the more proper name is 'Stormdragon's Chosen'...


This one is vague translation of a raggy rhyme I tried to put together in Russian. Warning: I didn't check it with speller, so some words may be written wrongly.

I loved your eyes...

One more 'song to wanderer'. This one, 'Farewel to wanderer' and 'By the fire' were ispired by same person...:) This one was written in English, not translated.

Out of phase

A love story of 2 shapeshifters... out of phase. How they met at all?:)) Inspired by 'Ladyhawk' and similar stories.

A moment of unicorn

A poem based on a dream I had once:) Partially inspired by 'A Dream' by Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren and by 'Unicoen mist' by Andrea Leslie :)))) It's the longest poem I written in English. I'm not sure the end os OK, maybe I'll change it someday:)))

Last ship to the West

The russian version of this poem was written for a story my friend Loriel wrote, about Elves, leaving the lands of Men and sailig into the sunset. It was not a peaceful departue, in his story Men have really pushed Elves to the ends of the earth and into the sea. So they sailed away in their silvery ships in search of new land...

Pegasus in flight

Again a translated one! It supposed to be a story of a picture coming to life in the magic of starlight:)) I suppose it still needs some editing.

Dark Roads: Riding itno the dark

...Imagine evil, so vast and mighty, that even to think of fighting it feels like a sin. Imagine people, living under that evil, trying to please it, to ignore it's doings, to put up with the results. And then one day a preson rises, saddles his horse and goes on lonely suicidal mission put end to it. Later, they may call him a hero...

The beast that is none

It's a strange poem... The russian original is just as unfinished as translation or even more... It supposed to be chasing of some dream-beast. Guess what beast it is?:)

The found sword

The Lost Sword is back! It's a sequel to 'The lost sword' poem:) Nothing can be lost forever. Not if I'm around...:)

The lost sword

One day searching in a box of my old beadworks I found sword charm I once made and forgot about it... One can find inspiration in strangest places!:) Written in English