Jennifer Trepkau

I am a 27years old girl and live in Germany. I like Fantasy and RPG, especially Fantasyart.Now, i am a student.Hmm...I like good storys about Elves.. hmm i like everything about elves *smile*.I paint my pics only in a special feeling... that means if i am sad or very angry.. i think, its the best time to draw. And the most pics have a story or a thought...I like to dream and try to paint my dreams, but often ein failed...I want to thank everyone in advance for all entrys. My English ist not the best but i try to answer most of the commentaries - I hope you will forgive if i am not correct. That is my way and i donĀ“t know what i tell you anything else about me.. So long.. and have a nice time.. Other Artist Gloria H. Manderfeld Community Elfwood-D I like WingTsun, DvD, Basketball, Piano, Drawing stuff, Computer, Games, Mangas Favourite movies difficult question Lord of the rings, Last Samurai, Bravehart, Nightmare before Christmas, 13th warrior, Edward Sicssorhands, Jim Hansons Storyteller, Legende, The dark Cristall, Indianer Jones, Event Horizont, StarWars, Lucky Number Slevin, Godfather, Starship Troppers, Alien, 300, Full Metal Panic, Kenshin, Ghibli movies, Bleach, Basilisk and more Favourite books Lord of the rings, Legend of Drizzt Do'urden, Dragonlance, Game of Throne Favourite music Soundtracks