Goblin King

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Tom Rhodes

As a young goblin Snverblot was the runt the one everyone felt they should pick on. One day Snverblot came upon A ring of Wishes. He saw revenge, and planed for months. He finaly wished for immortality. But days after he was exicuted for attacking his elders. Upon wakeing in the depths of the goblin dead chambers he broke out and went into hideing. Waiting and planing for years finaly the time came to act. The elder Goblin was slain in a battle with another goblin seeking to rule. Snverblot showed himself to the new ruler and became his adviser. One year later when Snverblot was trusted he put Imps poison in the new kings food. With the death of the king Snverblot proclaimed himself KING. He readyed the goblin army and attack the nieghbouring Elves. But Snverblot picked the wrong time to attack, during an Elven ritual. Flashes of magic occured and Snverblot watched his whole army disinergrate before his eyes. A flash of white magic hit him and he fell to the ground. When he awoke he found himself in a golden room with a huge White Demon looming over him. A voice sounded for the demon tearing at Snverblots soul. Years passed as Snverblot was a slave for this demon, it noticed that Snverblot was young and unaged and asked why he still lived. If not for Snverblots next words he probably would have been killed right then and there. He said ' I live for the revenge and death that I shall bestow upon the elven kind.' Likeing what it heard the demon proceded to train the goblin in the ways of the immortals. Now an Assassin of the white demon Snverblot grew taller, Faster, stronger and more Chaotic than ever. On a assassination mission for the demon Snverblot was sent to kill a pestering Mage. Snverblot dispatched of the Mage quite easily with his new skills. But he made one mistake or it was fate. In the battle with the mage Snverblot spewed his lightning breath all over the mages potions and equipment explodeing the lab and and half the town that the mage resided in. When Snverblot awoke he found that he now has four arms. Unable to believe this just yet he went back to the White demon. The demon was impressed with his new assassin and told him that he bestowed upon Snverblot part of his power. The demon started to laugh and the room started to spin in Snverblots head. Stricken with extreme pain Snverblot fell to the ground screaming. The demons laughter swimming in his head and the want for revenge upon all that ever mistreated Snverblot danced together in his head. When he awoke he stood in a pool of blood. He now found that he was looming over the demon. Looking at himself he found that the new arms turned to wings, And his skin turned to a spikey obsidian rock scales. The White Demon said to the obsidian demon ' What do you see now my child?' The demon took to the air screaming ' REVENGE!!' Flying like lightning he stopped over the elven town. For the first time in his lift Snverblot was happy. He was laughing as he raked the elves in half with his claws. Finaly comeing to the Elven Elder Snverblot approched covered in the blood of Elves. The Elder spewed out spells in despiration only to find they had no effect. The Elders screams were so painfull they reached the Elven goddess. Seeing what Snverblot did she put him in a endless sleep. When the word of the Elves destruction reached the goblins they quickly took over the elven town. Growing in numbers the goblins where ready to attack another elven village when a Silver dragon ( sent by the goddess ) destroyed the goblins but never fully killed all of them. with the Dragon always around the goblin couldn't grow in numbers to retaliate. Fearing that this was the end of there race the Goblin Shamans prayed to there God for help. Co-incidendtly they stumbled upon the sleeping body of Snverblot. The Shamans saw this as a sign and combined there magic to wake the sleeping Demon. Upon wakeing Snverblot learned of the dragon and took to its cave. Returning to the goblin mound Snverblot threw the Silver Dagons head before the Shamans. Now reveared as a GOD Obsidian Lord ( Snverblot) Reigns supreme as KING OF GOBLINS.

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Category Fantasy

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