Danielle Colman

Hello and welcome! I'm Danielle (Dani to my friends). I'm an amateur writer, artist, musician and just about anything else you care to name (including neurologist, according to my biology teacher - I swear I had nothing to do with that). My writing alternates between realist (not here of course) and surrealist. I like writing horror, but by that I don't mean ghosts going 'Woooo' all over the place. My version of horror is a delicate mind game, more to do with making the reader feel uncomfortable than sending little children running to their mothers. If you leave the stories I've marked 'horror' feeling thoroughly freaked out, then I've done what I intended to do. If you leave them feeling that the writer really ought to go in for some serious therapy I've really surpassed myself! I do write nice stuff too, though! I appreciate all comments -complimentary or otherwise - except the downright obscene (and believe me, I'll let you know if I think you're guilty of that crime) and I would encourage all visitors, especially fellow Elfwood members, to use the e-mail link.Oh and, by the way, I have a Lothlorien gallery, so please visit. Thanks for visiting.


This is my first (and only) really successful attempt at horror. I don't want you to be scared. I just want you to be thoroughly, thoroughly, freaked out. Enjoy, and please comment.

Aliyara 1: Ayolida

This is an introduction to the world of Ayolida. From here I will lead on to the main story in due course, but this is really just to help the reader get his/her bearings.

I am innocent

This is a poem about the warped nature of innocence in today's society. Actually, it's just me feeling morbid, but it amounts to roughly the same thing!