Keith Trimm

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Alignment chapter 4

“I’m getting cold! Kill me and get it over with.”

Alignment chapter 12

“I can’t let you do this,” Brenda said calmly. Sean didn’t have to turn around to know what she was doing. “This is wrong and you know it!” she added.

Alignment chapter 16

Suddenly as Samara sat watching he noticed the glassy metallic surface of the gate began to produce its own luminescence, it glowed brighter and brighter until it’s light shone on the ceiling of the barn like the huge spotlight outside a movie premiere.

Morning Star chapter 8

Tony sat confused waiting for an explanation like a dumb dog staring at its master waiting for a treat.

Morning Star chapter 12

Alex took notice of a car in his rearview mirror speeding up quickly, closing the distance between them. Hot lead shot through his veins and he had to struggle to keep his composure with the boy.

Morning Star chapter 28

'Killed is such a harsh word. I like to say I claimed him for my own.'

Morning Star chapter 1

The story begins

Alignment chapter 1

Twin universes are bridged when a scientist discovers a portal to the dead.

Alignment chapter 3

I just think it’s funny we call them ghosts.”

Morning Star chapter 4


Morning Star chapter 10

'Bring me some clothes,' Alex, the Son of the Morning Star demanded, 'For I know now that I am naked.'

Morning Star chapter 6

'Who is Jack and Emily?' Brinkman asked.

Morning Star Prologue

Time travel or devine intervention, you decide. The story of a scientist, who against what he knows to be right, is swept up in the occult in order to find who he truly is.

Morning Star chapter 26

'I realize that. Eating rotted meat will kill you!' Tony snapped back.

Alignment chapter 2

“Have you ever heard of Noah Black?”

Alignment chapter 5

She was a whole person, no longer transparent

Alignment chapter 11

He checked to make sure his rifle had a full clip and chambered a round, looking down the barrel at the sights.

Alignment chapter 13

“Are you kidding?” Aquarius replied. “I’m ramming the gate. We’ll be lucky if they don’t have the barricades up by the time we get there.”

Alignment chapter 14

Sean blinked his eyes rapidly, as blood stained tears ran down his cheeks. “Make me an offer I can’t refuse.”

Alignment chapter 9

She looked at him like he was crazy. “What are you talking about?” she asked in disbelief. “We are going to slaughter!”

Alignment chapter 10

“Yes there is,” Sean replied. “Would you happen to know were the quarantine ward is?”

Alignment chapter 15

The backhoe moved forward and the teeth of the scoop made contact with the stone. Pressing on the gas, the driver spun his tires trying to force the stone to move away and fall back into the gate. It did not seem to budge.

Morning Star chapter 2

'You want me to go get help?' Robby asked. He looked down upon his brothers’ injury and his stomach began to turn.

Morning Star chapter 3

He stepped through the doorway into pure darkness.

Morning Star chapter 13

'Doesn’t matter, its all politics anyway. Fact is though, we were given access to something the church holds as probably its most prized possession.'

Morning Star chapter 14

He turned over the picture and read the writing on the back as he had done so many times before. It read, 'If you want to know the truth, here is the key. I’m sorry I can not tell you anything more. Be careful.' At the bottom was the address of the church scribbled in red ink.

Morning Star chapter 25

Easton took the knife and cut Adams across the belly spilling his insides onto the dirt below

Morning Star chapter 29

Tony looked up to Alex, who was sitting high on the royal platform. Restrained from behind, Tony was forced to stand at attention as Alex looked down upon him. Jackson joined Tony at his side and both men felt spears at their backs.

Morning Star chapter 23

'I have movement!' Easton yelled pointing to the sky above. The men looked up and strained to find the object he was pointing at. 'It’s one of those flying things that attacked us when we parachuted!'

Alignment chapter 6

Aquarius leaned towards the door and listened for any sounds coming from inside. He could hear nothing. It was imperative he get back in the house and take it over.

Alignment Conclusion

Aquarius stopped and grabbed Samara by his coat. “Go back!” he yelled. “Do not follow me any further!”

Morning star chapter 7

'What is your name Monkey boy?' he yelled again to the prisoner who was now cowering against the wall. 'I don’t know what Seth has planned for you monkey boy, but if I had my way I would have you on the slab tonight,' he said laughing.

Morning Star chapter 9

'You are such a fool!' she yelled to him. 'A blind fool so self absorbed with your own glory and power to see that Brother Follett was coming to kill you!'

Morning Star chapter 15

'This is Pastor Jack Rhine, the pastor of Trinity Church. I need an ambulance here. Something has happened.' 'One moment, hold the line,' the voice stated and the phone went silent.

Morning Star chapter 19

Tony looked up and faced him eye to eye. 'We have jumped. Jumped in time,' he said

Morning Star chapter 21

Guns blazed as two of the men were pulled down into the grass. Ramsey dove and fell to the ground in the wooded area pulled to safety by his men. He stood and looked back at the tall grass. 'Where are they?' he screamed.

Morning Star chapter 18

'Trans Pacific!' Ramsey shouted looking out the windshield. 'Trans Pacific, you are emitting a smoke trail!' he shouted as the dark streak past by his view.

Morning Star chapter 16

'To most people, God is their savior. To you God is a math calculation.

Morning Star chapter 20

'You didn’t think I was going to tell you the truth did you?' Ramsey asked. 'I take orders, and these orders did not include briefing you on the true nature of our mission.'

Morning Star chapter 24

'Your grandmother hid the truth from you. Your father was a man of God. I was a man of Satan. The family did not know until it was too late.'

Morning Star chapter 22

'Yeah, there’s an orange moon up there. I didn’t know we had two of them.'

Alignment chapter 7

“Throw him in that rig you stole and lock the door. Unless the cops recover it, he’ll die of exposure before long,” Sean replied.

Alignment chapter 8

Soon my comrades and I will pass to the other side. We will send millions of souls into the flux.

Morning Star chapter 5

The man did not speak. He looked maybe twenty years old, unshaven with hair running the length of his back. He held his hand up to block the light from the flashlight blinding him, squinting as if he had never seen light before.