Eric King

I am a father, husband, teacher, artist, writer...Jack of all trades. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Luckily, I had parents that constantly encouraged and praised me for my artistic accomplishments. I always strive to improve artistically, which is something that comes with time and perserverance (and lots of practice). I love comic books and I have collected them for 18 years now (Yikes! I'm getting old!). Therefore, it naturally follows that I have received my greatest artistic influence from their colorful pages. In addition to drawing, I like to write short stories, novellas, and poetry. I have recently written a novella called Mr. Teufel, and although I haven't actively sought publication yet, I hope to have it published sometime in the near future when I have time to pursue it. Stephen King has had the greatest influence on my writing, closely followed by Nathaniel Hawthorne. However, my greatest sources of inspiration are my wife and children. Their love is something that I can always depend on; and consequently, that unending love serves as the fount from which I draw the creative energies for my greatest creations.

Mitch 'Silver Gun' McConnell

The Wild West goes weird in this short story about justice in a Weird West that never was.

Mr. Teufel: Intro. - Chapter II

Jim Razowsky meets a mysterious new neighbor who opens within him the full-power of the human mind in order to use him as a pawn in a war against the Lamb.