Tanya Roberts

My name is Tanya (a.k.a. TanDoll), and I am a colored pencil artist that has developed a unique way to work with the medium...a technique that is specific to my artwork. I am a self-representing artist and sell my fantasy art on eBay at: Side Show Freaks Art Gallery   The official TanDoll Facebook Page has more art updates than any other means: http://www.facebook.com/tandoll I also have a website that hosts my Fantasy artwor.k: www.TanDoll.com People say, "You ain't got no class, Tanya," and I would have to agree. But, shhhh! It's a secret. Most of the time I don't want to be an artist.  It's no longer a want anymore, but a necessity.  I can't go a day without drawing something or else I feel like I am going bonkers.  Some days, my need to draw is so much I get mad at myself for not being able to pull myself away, and I start cussing my artwork.  Artists are friggin' nuts!  There are people who love my art, like my art, are indifferent about my art, and then there are people who right out hate my art. Where ever you stand, feel free to comment. It isn't like anything anyone says is going to make me stop making it. :} Thankyouverymuch. I like Drawing with colored pencils, faeries, fantasy, and my silly husband and children. Favourite books Tailchaser's Song