George Dreamer

Hi, I'm George now 20 years old and I'm back uploading on Elfwood after some years :DI've been posting stuff on deviantArt (come and visit: and i remembered Elfwood where it all began ^^ So ill probably upload here all the stuff from dA, since ive gotten a bit better, and thought that what made me try to draw better, where all the cool pictures here in Elfwood. So think of it as a pay-back (with the good meaning)   Some friends here on Elfwood have asked to draw something for them.So I have to draw a troll for "John ´Varó-Lokkur´ Ganneby" and a spaceship for Oswald Johnathon Levesque.(I'm just writting it here so you guys know that I remember still. Only I haven't got so much time, so sorry!)Please help me improve my skills by posting commentsthanks in advance!Oh, and I'll be glad to check YOUR gallery too! :D If you like, leave a comment! :D   I like Drawing, Computer Games, Ping Pong, Book Reading, Teeworlds!I love Starcraft (waiting for starcraft 2!!!), Monkey Island, Favourite movies I like a lot of fantasy and sci-fi movies. But mostly I watch anime. I've seen MANY, and I like most of them Favourite books Terry Pratchetts books, Eragorn books, Lord of the Rings, The Never-ending Story, Redwall Series Favourite music Japanese rock (you know the music in the intros or endings), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Moby, Black Ghosts, Green Day