Teri Rosario

From childhood I have had a passion for creating. And thoughout my life that passion has taken on many different forms. After graduating from Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York City, I began a career as a Theatrical Costume Designer. I spent 25 fulfilling and successful years in the business. I designed costumes for a wide range of theatres, universities, cruise lines, etc...throughout the United States. However the past 5 years have brought about many wonderous and challenging changes for me. And with those life changes has come the realization that at the core of my creative passions lies the 'need' to paint. And that that passion can no longer be satisfied with painting 'just when I have the time'. And so with the support of my husband and the creation of a magnificent new studio space, I am directing all my creative energy toward painting. The inspiration for my art comes from many places, but the driving force seems to be the spiritual journey that I have been on. My paintings will often reflect where I am in that journey or where I have been. I will however, admit to doing the occasional piece 'just for the fantasy of it!' I hope that my work can bring to you some of the joy that is has imparted to me over my lifetime