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Amanda aka 'Tsatsayka'

This is Chetsidess. She is a muse (my muse, the most vocal of them and the one who seems to pay me the most attention) and she is a Drekae, one of the Dragon Child species, in this case half human and half sea dragon. All dragon child species are capable of taking on the form of at least one of their halves, though a few, rare ones can take on both, Chetsidess being one who can take on both human and sea dragon form. As well, the fact that she is a muse allows her to take on one more form with little trouble, for her, she can turn into mist. Chetsidess has lived a normal Drekae life, though at almost 90, she is older then most Drekae ever expect to live. (Other dragon child species average 200 or more, which just showes how harsh the lives of Drekae are, they could live that long if they got the chance) She is a poweful sorceress in her native water magic, and strong in the magic of life as well, blood magic. She is a Blood Adept, in fact. (No, she doesn't sacrafice babies. The things she would be killing to eat anyways, yes, she is a predator, after all, are the only things she 'sacrafices') She met Siyaka through chance and the fact that she is a master in scrying spells. Because of her, Siyaka decided the time was right to reform the Brotherhood. She accepted his invitation, mostly because living in the reef that was her home was becoming particularly dangerous since her brother decided to leave her, leaving her alone in the dangerous ocean. She has a crush on Siyaka, I think its mostly his power that attracts her. I did this sometime in the summer of '04. I know perfectly well the anatomical problems, the shoulder too low, for example, but I didn't figure them out till I had finnished shading in her skin, and didn't feel like erasing everything and trying to start over. At the time I couldn't get hair to work for me, AT ALL, so that mess near her head is what happened... Oh yes, and the writting is Chet's name in the Drekae written language. P.S. I keep forgetting to mention Chet's scars... that run of circular lines that wraps around her lower torso (only half or so of it is visible here) was from an incident with a Kraken when she was young, her first, unintentional, use of magic. The scars across her face, neck and chest (usually only the face ones are visible) were caused by some jellyfish-like freaky thing that her brother saved her from... And there are a bunch more, but they haven't been visible in any of the pics yet and probably won't be till I come up with stories for each of them. (There are a bunch of scars hidden by the scales on her tail, as well.)

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