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This is Siyaka Kellen Cian, as it says on the picture. As it also says, he is a mage. The 'sort of' human thing may be a bit confusing however... Siyaka was born human, some 500 or so years ago. At around 18 he joined the brotherhood. There he was given the name Kellen. He spent his life there, making a name for himself (literaly, heh, as you'll see in a bit) and eventually becoming a master in his craft of magic, when he took on the name Cian. After choosing that name for himself, Siyaka, around 40-50 at that time, took on an aprentice. Within a few years, however, the most unexpected thing happened. Siyaka's aprentice did what he had planned to do all along, he betrayed the brotherhood. Killed every member of it with a horrid spell that could take days to do its work. A magical electricity that set off every pain nerve in the body, kept the pain just under the level that the body would automatically shut down, and continued, distracting the person with intence pain so that no counter spell was possible, until the person finally passed out and never woke again. (Pain, starvation, dehydration... +shudder+) Siyaka held out longer then the others, but finally, he died as well. His spirit, however, would not rest. Revenge drove him, revenge and the desire to reform the brotherhood. Somehow, a pact was formed, though he doesn't remember it, and he can possess the bodies of others, though he has to take a pill every hour to keep from seperating from the body. The host isn't aware of the posesion, is infact, entirely unaware of anything durring that time, though Siyaka can plant false memories, and thus leave the spirit beleiveing it led a full life instead of having been a subjegated host it's entire life. Some five hundred years later, Siyaka has been biding his time, passing from 'life' to 'life', planning, scheming, doing little things to keep himself busy. One of those things was working for an arrogant little mini drak named Kindle, a muse of the best friend of Chet's muse. Chet set a scrying spell to Kindle, Kindle met Siyaka... and eventually noticed her spell and caught her, thus setting in motion current events. This was done in pencil in a history class... The teacher watched me over my shoulder several times and mentioned that I should go into fashion design, lol. There is also a matching picture of Tsaydess on the paper, but I can only find an ugly, colored version of it on my computer. +sigh+ So, you don't get to see the beginings of his signature spell, 'tendrils of darkness'. (multi use spell, heh. attack, bind, blind, etc.)

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