Jessica Tschampa

Hey there all I'm an 20 year old student from Illinois who is fascinated by the fantasy world. Most of which you will see here has sprouted from some sort of day dream or nightmare of mine. I've started taking commissions to help support my artistic habits and more importantly try to earn money to study abroad. The most inspirational things in life are: my boyfriend, my dreams, my friends, my colored pencils, and as well as my fish. When ever I start a piece I take the time to sketch out what is important to me. I have been working with heavier mediums in recent months. I've gotten my hands on some wonderful acrylics and some oils. I update as often as I can. I am trying monthly art updates by doing pictures for people in a community I am involved in. Thank you for stopping into my gallery, feel free to comment or say hello. Even though I don't reply to every single comment, all suggestions criticism and praise are appreciated and considered. It is your words that help me improve for future and more challenging pieces. So thank you so much for stopping in and taking the time to comment when you do.