Bev DeMoss

Hi! I'm a bishie lover who carries all of the best bishies in my pocket! My personal favorite Bishie is Himura Kenshin. Let's see who else I've got in here....Sesshie(InuYasha), Ashitaka(PrincessMononoke), Inu Yasha(InuYasha)....and so on and so forth. Sorry, I get a little wraped up in my bishies. Ok about love Kenny!! I love to draw anime and horses and I am into renacting! I work with the local museum and I work at the George Ranch. I also love the Renaisance Festival. And I'm a Texas girl!(And no we don't all run around riding horses(although that would be fun)or roping cattle in our boots) So that is about it for me! I hope to put up a really cute picture of me(or my character) chibbi-fied! till then C ya'll (yes we really say that)