Frankie Price

This is an account I made for Fanart.

Mercenary III Cold Winter Nights- Chapter One "New Arrivals"

This is the third part of my story Mercenary. That...*shudders* other one was the first part and this is the third. Cold Winter Nights follows a party of advenurers. So far there's Rozz a human and a traveller who is basically a mercenary, Githrellian also a human and a discharged soldier-turned mercenary, and Yaliana who's an elf and a mage (an apprentice actually)

Journal Entry- James Kennedy

This is the start of a journal thing I'm gona try to finish. This story takes place in an apocalyptic world being infested with zombies or "infected" Takes place 4 weeks after it started and I'm gona try to write it in Character's POV, so for now there’s just James' POV. I'm gona add more people if I can get more of a story down.

Weathered Journal... Final Entry

This is the final entry to Laruka's journal, hope ya had a good read.

Weathered Journal... Second Entry

The second entry to Laruka's journal, looks like he's in a spot of trouble...

Mercenary II The Gray Empire, Chapter one A Gray World *Censored Version*

Well, it took 38 hours non-stop to finish this! This is my first story in a very, very long time. 15 years or around there. If there is any problem with the story please say so, I need to know, so I know either to make another chapter or not.Thanks: tumbleweed444

Kenta's Bio

This is Kenta's Bio who I basically based off of myself with some tweaks. If your wonderin' how the year is pronounced it is 8th year of the 2nd era. 2-008. Another example 5-678, 678th year of the 5th era. Special times are as follows; 10-999, 999th year of the Final Hour. After 10 eras have elapsed the time restarts back at 0-001, 1st year of the New World.