Kenta Matani

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Frankie Price

This is Kenta Matani, (Ma-t-aw-n-e). He's a character that I basically based off of myself (his bio I mean not his looks) ;). Any ways this is not how he actually looks. In the story Kenta and several other characters are trying to get across the Northern Sea, and one of em' has a bright idea to dress up to look like pirates then sneak on board a ship. Only a few had to change, Kenta being one of em'. Though they thought they snuck on board a merchant vessel, (as most pirates now and days do alot of trading with ports all over the sea) when they actually snuck on board a real pirate ship called the Seasplitter, captained by an infamous pirate named Rendo. Blah blah blah.. they were eventually caught after 7 minutes on board, as they were about to be 'dealt' with on the deck, the crew's scout (don't know what they are called) Mullroy, spotted an enemy ship, pirates that they have had 'encounters' with in the past. The team were locked up below the deck with Kohga standing as a guard. Blah blah blah... battle raged ontop deck, the team got the lock to their cell open. And Rai Naga (the power house of the team) took down Kohga as the rest ran up the stairs to the deck. Blah blah blah... the team joined the fight killing out a couple enemy pirates, while trying to reason with the Seasplitter crew. Eventually they slew the invading crew and with the help of Sanji Mao and Kenta, sunk theire ship. Though Rulo (Another Seasplitter crew member) was killed, they were welcomed on board as long as they are able to pull their own weight and didn't try anything. The Seasplitter crew consists of the following people;Mullroy Idanas (I-d-eh-n-as)- MaleRex Enala (En-aw-la)- MaleCutler Ichaza- MaleStellan Felix-Analen (An-aw-len)- MaleArzen Nordinan- FemaleGarmund Windward- MaleMaccus Lourang- FemaleRulo Harvester- Male- deceasedZafel Yalas- MaleCrow Maraniehse (Mar-an-e-es-eh)- MaleWolfgang Icanian- MaleShingo Ehneirre (En-ear-rei)- MaleKohga Angenna- Male- pissedAnd their captain Rendo Ueralo (Yer-a-low)- male.I tried to make him look anime-ish but kinda failed.

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