Tuukka Sarkki

The only way to capture the nature of the beings I have come across on my travels is to draw a fast sketch. This is why most of the drawings here are (so far) unfinished. And no, I don't play RPG's - not anymore. I tried AD&D and found it inadequate. Then tried Runequest - which was better - but still I was not satisfied. So I created my own system that had no dice. It worked. Then I realized that nothing but the real thing would do the trick for me. And I'm not talking about LARPing. The works displayed here are from a time range of six years, the latest being the Blacksmith and the oldest being the Librarian. Talk about degeneration. ;-) There are some people around the 'woods that stand out from the crowd with their work (Yes yes, all those manga-esque elves are so very very nice indeed, but when you've seen a dozen you've pretty much seen them all and wish to see something more original): Charles Adams Fowler has a truely unique style of his own. Natalya Evgenyevna Kotrasyova has a... err... a style of her own. (am I repeating myself?) Jennifer Varon has a ... never mind. You might get her work, you might not. Markku Silvennoinen draws in a bit more traditional way, but there's something identifyably Finnish in his work and that's something I like. Timmy J. ShumateOk, so this is me giving cuteness a chance. Paula Alavesala uses watercolours the way they should be used. Nenad Vukmirovic draws with ink.