´Taika´ Aarniala

Update late winter 2006 Currently I publish my recent works on my own personal site, or in my DeviantArt gallery page For more information about my projects and works, please read my LiveJournal.   Fantasy for me is an essential part of life. I have been always dreaming of distant lands of magic and fairies and unicorns and DRAGONS!!! *sigh...* I couldn’t imagine this mundane grey world worth living for without imagination.   I am an art lover too, and I have been living in this cold cold gloomy Finland for my whole life. Jugend and surrealism are especially close to my heart... I adore relaxed brushstrokes and all those little ornaments from nature’s inspiration in every kinds of artwork.   Mostly I paint pictures of my rpg characters, and some kind of fairies or so... If I do a 'good' picture (i.e. I work for it), I try to make it to be faithful to my style and complete on it’s own. My inspiration comes still mostly from music and my silly little dreams, I suppose…   ...please feel free to comment even any little thing you might want to say about my pictures.