Kathryn Twigg

My name is Kathryn Alice Twigg. I am 17 years old and currently reside in Mossley - a small place you've probably never heard of in Nort West England. I have A's in GCSE Maths, Science, Spanish, Art, Graphics and Statistics, a B in English Lit and A*'s in RE, English Language and DRAMA!!! I also have a C in As-level Critical Thinking which I took in year 11.  I am Currently at Oldham Sixth Form College studying Drama, Dance, Music and English Dual with all my buddies. I want to be in musical theatre - rock on me! :) I love to draw stuff, but mainly fantasty etc... my fave creature is the dragon (they rock) but I also quite like faeries. I love drawing book characters (especially Terry Pratcett's) and I can produce almost perfect copies of photographs. I don't really care what people think of my art because I like it... but it's nice if other people do too;) I HATE MySpace and all my friends use it so this is really my answer to that - because Elfwood is better than MySpace anyways... We're a higher class of people (mostly) Please comment me... cheers Kat xxx