Carrie Forrest

Carrie Forrest is not her school valedictorian. She has not recieved applications to Harvard, Yale, Emerson or any other Ivy League school. She does not live with her family in Maui in the summers, as her family lives quite permenantly in Illinois, and only donates to the needy when she thinks to or someone asks her to donate when she has money. She does not have a loving husband and three kids, nor does she want them. She has been known to attack other artists with kitchen implements in order to reduce competition. She does not spend her time breeding Labradors or Angora rabbits, and has never won the Pullitzer Prize for writing. Carrie likes it when people send her money and grape soda, and when people finally resign to being her loyal minions. Carrie Forrest secretly wished to be a rock star, but as she has little musical talent, will probably end up popping prozac in a junior high school as a teacher.