Welcome to my page on elfwood. I've been a member for so long but have currently moved to Deviantart basically because I like the speed of the posting artwork is all. Though Elfwood will always hold a place in my heart. It is the first art site i've ever joined in my life and I was so happy it was here for I was able to meet so many people and broden my horizens on the art world around me.I'm a Collage student in my second year at the Art Institute of Vancouver and love it there. I'm currently 20 years old and don't feel old at all, LOL. I've switched from animation and am now taking Modeling, concept art, concept clothing, costume design and character cosept design. Its a passion I always knew was there, but I really needed to find it.I'm now back in elfwood and hopfully can show you all where my artwork is inproving and what the years have shown in me. I will keep up really old art works so you can see the improvments and even, if you look hard enough. You can find remakes or updates in storylines from previous picture.Enjoy my page. I hope you like viewing everything. Feel free to leave me comments. I love comments so I hope you leave them.. Sounds like im talking in never ending circles dosen't it. New things:  Some of the drawings that I am drawing currently and or have finished already are some that you have seen. Yes that’s right. I will be further more be bring back some of the oldies, born anew. From Tina, Moonlighter of the Penumbra, Holy Spirit of Life along with her sisters of the elements, May and her death bird, The In-veined Lover, Silia from the river, Xian and Tika from my series of “Times of Death” and much more :D I do have many interests. Of course my most favorite is my art. I love it, well my art is good but I love art. Everything about it, even art I love to hate it. Things like that make life all that more interesting.  I still love working in pencil, though if I ever do work in pencil I now resort to drawing only in 0.7 mechanical pencils because they never go dull… Then again if I want to pull off a cool look, I’ll go for other pencils, yet only on occasion.  I have discovered tablet! I love it, the world of CGing (computer Graphic colouring) Here I come. Most of my colour works will now be of tablet, and they look so cool and more professional. Some other mediums I use rarely but at times do are water colour, acrylics, charcoal, Felts, pen and other art mediums. When it comes to things I love as in “Movies”, “Television Series” and “Games” then here is a list of those.   Movies: Any of the Hayao Miyazaki movies, Ninja Scroll, Perfect Blue, Jin-Roh the Wolf Brigade, Escaflowne, Bridge to Terabithia, Lady in the Water, LOTR of course, Pan's Labyrinth, The Chronicles of Narnia, and others.   Television Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hack Sign, Sailor Moon, and others Games: Final Fantasy Series, Dynasty Warriors Series, Zelda Series, Crono Trigger, Hack Sign, Harvest Moon, The Sims 1 and 2, and others. My favorite type of games is RPG’s and Hack and Slash games with the occasional plat-former.        Now when it comes to Elfwood Artists, I'll update every time I publish new pictures. But my Current Elfwood artists are as follows.    Sarah Allinger : Here is my sister. Her art is one that I like very much. Though she has not posted art in there for a very long time I still think that it rools. Check it out. :) Meghan McCullough : Here sits Meghan McCullough, my best friend. Dam I miss hanging out with her. My best drawing buddy, best hanging out buddy and just over all best friends. Her art has improved so much since her last postings, I'm so proud of her. I'll get her to post along side my new ones so that you peoples can actually see how far she has come. :D  Jaime 'Ludrafae' Coates : Though Jaime may not draw and colour a whole lot of pictures. She has an amazing talent for writing. I love reading her stories when I want to take a break from life.  Kara L Craig :  I formally know her as Kitty. We met on a totally different artist site. It was the first art site I have been onto in my life. When I first was aloud on the internet I was partnered up with her. To me she is still Kitty. Her art is still great in my eyes. She has talent and even though contact between us hasn’t been incredible, go check out her art, for I have never stopped enjoying just looking at them.      Anja L. Berglund : Here is Anja. Her skills in art have improved quite a bit. I’m quite proud of her. She inspired me to draw a picture that I am currently deciding on either painting or asking for a new photo from her to work on a new piece of art.     Shannon Pearson : Shannon will probably never post another elfwood picture again, though this is here so that if she ever decides to post one again, she will remember she has a site and that she can post again.          Thankyou List      If Anyone has any questions, or art requests or anything about anything, then feel free to contact me through my email on my page. Comment away, I love to hear anything anyone has to say or any advice anyone has to offer. Mostly to my friends and familly.Though to My girlfriend Danyale, Meghan McCullough, Ali-san (HI ALI!!), Sarah From collage, along with Kiki, Sami and other collage friends, Brandy, Cara and everyone els that has inpierd me my whole life. Thanks to you all