Welcome traveler. I see you've found your way to my little corner of the woods. Please, come in. Since you're here, I guess I should be telling you about myself. After all, isn't that what a bio is for? I live on a farm in Westerville, Ohio. I'm a sixteen year old Junior at Big Walnut High School (Big Nut to the locals). I guess I draw because I get bored with reality and for the amount of time it takes me to finish a picture I can lose myself in a world of my own creation. Its pretty cool, 'cause all the people know me there. ^_^ I'm inspired by a lot of books, mainly Tolkien, Poe, Star Wars, and Stephen King. Oh, and Neil Gaiman. You MUST read his book Neverwhere! It is imperative! Once you read it you will wonder what you did without it! Anyway... I'm inspired by movies, too. Mostly Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Legend, and The Neverending Story. I can be inspired by music, as well as other miscillaneous things. Basically, if I see something that makes me think, 'hey, that's neat', I sit down and draw it. Of course I modify whatever it is, too. I'm not the best at drawing people, so I mostly stick to animals and things of that sort. I'm always looking for tips and hints on how to make my art better, so constructive criticism and comments are always welcome. I also have no problem with people praising my works, either. ^_~ I hope you enjoy my artwork, as well as the art and writing in the sites mentioned below. My girlfriend's site (Lori Emler) Melanie Murphy's site Kim Etherton's site