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The Orcish seacaptain had spotted the short, squat vessel a long way off, its bright red sails announcing its presence long before the rest of the ship was visible. He had guessed by its shape, and the great speed at which it was moving, that it was a Dwarven ship, but he did not fear it; after all, Orc ships are clad in plate-iron, and he had a crew of nearly forty Orcs, and an odd number of Goblins as well. Still, he had his crew arm themselves, certain that the smaller ship would pass by. He was not foolish enough to attack a Dwarven ship if he could avoid it, but the odds seemed to be in his favor. Just as it seemed that the Dwarves were going to sail past, three ballista-bolts shaped like gigantic grappling hooks hurtled onto the deck of the Orcish vessel, finding purchase on masts and rails. Cables attached to the missiles snapped tight, and the two ships were bound together. The Orcs howled with rage, their blood beginning to spur them to fight. As their adversaries' ship approached, yelling Dwarves could be seen bristling from the rails, waving heavy weapons in the air. But once they were within range of a thrown axe, all of the Dwarves seemed to disappear. The silence unnerved the Orcs as the Dwarven ship drew up alongside. A heavy wooden gangplank arose on the side of the Dwarf ship. Orcs exchanged nervous glances. Sea dwarves are exceedingly rare, and their notoriety in battle is widespread. The blackbloods, remembering all the tales they had heard, became more unsure of their victory with each silent, eerie second. Finally, the clump of heavy boots could be heard behind the gangplank. Orcish hands tightened on iron scimitars. Suddenly the gangplank slammed down, the Dwarf captain kicking it down as he roared mightily. The bearded warrior stepped out onto the gangplank, his crew crowded behind. He brandished his mighty arms, yelling aloud his battle cry, and the battle was joined. Incontrovertible proof that dwarf-pirates are the most hardcore things EVER. Blue PaperMate.

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Category Fantasy

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