Tyne. Watson

Hi, I'm Tyne, like the river or bridge yeah, and no my parent's aren't hippy's I attend The Cleveland College of Art & Design in Hartlepool. But I live in the nice old smoggy town of Stockton on Tees. My dad is an artist of sorts, a really good one at that, and I guess it ran off into the rest of the family, making all us relatively creative in what we do. I get a kick out of drawing. I don't usually follow strict rules when it comes to my dabbling of pictures. I go to an Art College, what I do there is mainly rule based, what a figure should or should not look like, the colour of that dress is the wrong shade, preporations...So on until your head explodes. So when I do get to pain my own pictures or just doodle my spare hours away I don't care if her arm is too thin to match her body, it's just like that. I'm hoping to get to go to a Theatre costume/crafts course in University which I'll get an even bigger kick out of.