Welcome to my, (and my friend Thea's) part of the woods!  We are seniors in High School, and are both going our separate ways to college next year.  Please, enjoy our pictures and leave comments!  We love constructive criticism.  Thanks! Update, November15th, 2005: I put up some of the work I made in jewelry class from last year.  There  is a pin of Erasmus, and two belt buckles of unicorns.  They were made from various types of metals.   Some new drawings will definately be up by christmas, a special christmas card too with santa and his "reindeer"  A new Erasmus is in the works, and a sunset pegasus. We are open to art trades and commissions and, of course, requests! Feel free to e-mail and ask! We have a lot more colored... There is an update of Sparrow and Willow (colored!), a sort of new version of Gaia, and some others. ABOUT US: I have a chestnut morgan named Dublin's Independence.  He is one of the main subject sof the drawings and stuff that I (we) do.  My friend, Thea, and I share the Unisi and other fantastic creatures (our portfolio.) Thea's a great artist and all of the drawings that up on this gallery are both of ours. We do them together at school, in our free time, at the barn...everywhere! We've sort of started a 'book' called Silver Eyes. It's about former characters that were part of our portfolio, Marius, Cyph'r, (two equine shape shifter brothers), and Eärwyn, the elf seer of the herd. Cyph'r can't shape shift and this will be some long and arduous quest for Marius and his brother to 'cure' him of his disability. It's set in Lythaea, the world most of our drawings take place in.  Check out our Wyvern's; it's on there! Some really good artist's galleries: Daniel Condaxis (Thea's brother) Kathleen 'Calle' Savage Julia 'ShiShi' Bakes Laurel D. Austin Ashley 'Ariarnith Silver Flame' Mutek   Favourite movies Firefly, The Last Unicorn, Legend, Pitch Black Favourite books the last unicorn Favourite music the Adicts, the varukers, the pixies, generation x, the buzzcocks