My DeviantArt gallery is where I hang uot now adays so if you want to see almost constant updates go here Okay... an actual update YAY!!! Three new pics so see to enjoy 'em!! Hmm... This Elfwood... It just keep getting wierder and wierder, and that's why I haven't been updating my gallery in a million years... that ticket system... I hate it... and the commenting control thing... nah... I MIGHT be updating in the future but don't expect it for a while... Just so you all know... I would NEVER leave Elfwood... This is my home. ^__^ The best manga's right now is Under The Glass Moon, Demon Dairy, Yami no Matsuei and Petshop of Horror oh and can't forget FAKE... Oh and Naruto. Links to some of my faves at elfwood. Nia 'Ultema' ObidosShe's a great person and a very good painter. Jax Bourdeau I say OHMIGOD for the art of this guy! He's great! Jove My best friend in real life, GO JOVE!! Yuki is great her art is amazing!! Rob Thomas I am a huge fan of this guy's art! I mean check out his 'Necromancer' and see what I mean! Kayun Li This girl's art is simply amazing... it's so pure. Centi All must see her art! Hmm anyone wanna read my fanfics?? click here to read. Well there will be more liks later and I hope that you'll like em' as much as I do... By the way leave lots of comments to me and them aswell oki...^_^ enjoy my gallery..