Diana Davidsson

My DeviantArt gallery is where I hang uot now adays so if you want to see almost constant updates go here Well I'm 20 now and I live in Sweden... I'm a big fan of FF7 and Suikoden (I know like everything you could know about Suikoden and Suikogaiden you could without having the games(I only got Suikoden 2)...)and I'm also a huge fan of Masushita Yoko's Yami no Matsuei and the BEAUTIFUL Manwa Under the Glass Moon, oh and Petshop of Horror and FAKE and a lot more.. oh and I just have to say that LotR RULZ!!! And I mean the books... ME LOVE 'EM ALL!! WOO KINGDOM HEARTS RULES!!! I finished the game in three days... or something like that... ^_~ All my favorit FF charecters in /one/ game... (Sephiroth woo... ^^)and Riku is SOOO sexy and Sora's cute ^^ GO SQARESOFT AND DISNEY!!! I'm planning on becoming an Manga artist so I'm working hard to improve (sp?) my skill... OH yeah! I almost forgot... For all those out there who still believe that FF7's Vincent Valentine are some kinda Vampire can think again cuz he is NOT a vampire!! Some Great Artists of Elfwood. Jax Bourdeau Well this guy are the coolest guy on elfwood and his art are amasing(sp?)I'm such a big fan! Jen Zee She's such an great artist and her colouring are SO Beautiful! Melissa Joyce Fajardo Sorry if I spelled her name wrong.. anyway her art are so nice I like it alot! ^_^ Jennifer 'Chibigon' Lee Such a great artist!! And she draws the most adorable chibis ever!! ^_^ Jessica 'Crimson Edge' Westover Visit her fanart gallery she's a GREAT artist!! Tiina Ylikorpi She's great!! Her Yami no Matsuei art rules!! VISIT HER, HEAR!! The Snow Fields link that was down is now working thanks to Mathilde S.O. Rehnlund click here to Read it!!! ... *hopps around in joy* Like Vampire Chronicels?? then click the link here!! A very nice page with beautiful art. Hmm.. the name that's in between my real names are my elvish name... ^_^ Enjoy my little corner in Fanquarter!!