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Once I heard about a Quetchua (Inca) god, and that was the most beautiful story I've ever heard about the gods of any mythology, at least for me. It was the story of Huiracocha, god of justice and civilisation. Huiracocha was the one who created the world and humanity, and the one who taught men to domesticate animals and fire, and to build houses, and all of that. Not everything, but the beginning of everything, so that mankind could grow up on their on. He also stayed with his creatures, the greatest and final judge of right and wrong. He'd protect the good and punish the evil. But now, people didn't like him. He was a fair good, not a merciful one. He would not simply forgive sins, he would have every man responsible for their acts, and every man would suffer the results of their wrongdoings. He would not help those in need, unless they started by helping themselves. People feared him, as he was a terrible god. He wouldn't forgive laziness and ill intent. One of the eyes of Huiracocha was the moon, and the other was the sun. But the sun was also a god, Inti. And Inti was compassionate and good. He would accept any asking of forgiveness. He would give people anything they wanted, ready and done. People only had to prayer and ask, and he'd do it. Inti was, of course, tremendously popular. And Inti decided that he wanted the throne of the gods. There was a terrible war in heavens. Inti treacherously hurt Huiracocha's right eye, the moon (and that's why there are phases of the moon now). But Huiracocha was stronger and greater than Inti, and even blinded (Inti wouldn't see for him in the battle, and the moon was hurt) he defeated Inti, furiously extinguishing his light. But then, Huiracocha heard prayers. Desperate prayers, asking for the well being of Inti. And Huiracocha saw the humanity asking for Inti to be renewed, for Inti to be victorious, for Inti to become the king of gods. And he asked mankind if they were sure of what they wanted, and mankind said yes. And so Huiracocha decreed that Inti would be the new king of gods, and he would leave. He wouldn’t rule those who didn’t wanted his rule. He would let mankind, whom he favoured with intelligence and conscience, to make it’s own choices. Even if they didn’t want him. And so he left. And Inti got to rule the gods. And people learned their mistake, as Inti wouldn’t bother with wrongdoings or rightdoings. The ones who believed more, who could sacrifice more gold and silver and beautiful gems, were surely the good ones, right? And the value of a man ceased to be measured by who he was, and started to be measured by how good he could appear to be, and how rich he was to flaunt his goodness with wealth. And the world degenerated in what it is today. Huiracocha would stay at bay. He wouldn’t come to help, unless asked for, and then only if the person who was asking deserved. And he would let Inti rule, as mankind asked for. But legends say that he would come back, if mankind would pray for his coming like they prayed for Inti. But that he would do, only, if he would forgive mankind it’s treachery. And that Huiracocha wouldn’t do, as long as one man still prefers Inti. He will let us suffer for the consequences of our choices. The pic is a photo-manipulation of a picture of the local (São Paulo) zoo’s jaguar.

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