Matt Koger

I am someone who just wants to anjoy life to the fullest.  Here is something that i mused over tonight:You know, when everyone gets older, they realise that no matter what happens they will pass on eventually.  Everyone knows this it is an eventuality.  However many fear this eternal end and dread the day that it comes.  I think that we should instead live our lives without any regrets and shamements.  People should love their life and cherish those who are still around until they are no longer.  So when they finally leave this place, we are content to say they will be missed and press on jioning them someday.  Fate has a wierd way of showing us how insignificant we are at the worst times so make sure to live your life to the fullest because as we all know we only get to go around once. I like Reading and love to just hang out. Favourite movies Alien(all of em), Star Wars, and others like them. Favourite books Dean Koontz and many, many writers here. Favourite music Metal, techno, rock, but I will listen to anything once.

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