Vilder, Duke of Grassian-Ceto -- Text

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This is another illustration from my novel-in-progress about Atlantis.This character here is a Duke that Prince Myron, now the Emperor of Atlantis, has to deal with when there is much ado in the Duchy of Grassian-Ceto (pronunciation: GRASH-in SEE-toh). This Duke's name is Vilder and this version has text. Let me know which picture is better.

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Johnny Midnight and the Case of the Worn Shoes

This is the first of the real Johnny Midnight cases. The first story was more of an introduction to his world. This case is based on the faerytale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

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A man visits his friend for Christmas only to find that he has been haunted by a ghost... (This piece sort combines the Dickens and Poe styles)

Ethan Tamerlin: The Destroyer

 Update: At the very good suggestion of a very talented writer here on Elfwood (Mandy E. Burnham), I have moved the glossary/ notes; they now come before the actual story so that you don’t have to scroll all the way down to see the translations. I have gone further and provided a series title (Ethan Tamerlin) because I have at least three more of his travels in the works. The series of short stories will be called Ethan Tamerlin: Supernatural Tales from an American Traveler and include this story, story number one (which takes place in Sub-Saharan Africa) and more… So expect others to come once I have finished them!Original Description: After the encounter with Pepo Mbaya, Ethan visits friends in India’s state of Maharashtra and somehow ends up entangled in a dispute that will determine the fate of India and all who inhabit it. Takes place yet again in the 19th century, so beware the strange structure of the English language in this. (I know that, technically, Marathi is the dominant language in Maharashtra, but the Hindi was just easier to get snippets of, in my opinion…)

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Try reading this story out loud. You'll be surprised at how hard it is to say...

Johnny Midnight, Faerytale Detective

This story is the start of a series of detective stories that deal with the crimes that are committed in faerytales. The style I’ve used here is supposed to be reminiscent of old detective radio dramas of the 40s and 50s like Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar or The Adventures of Sam Spade. I hope some of you can understand and appreciate the love of Film Noir and radio dramas. I listened to old Johnny Dollar episodes on the internet and I was inspired to write this and planned a few others in a series. I like the name ‘Johnny’, by the way; it sounds like a tough but good guy name. Any other name would just sound weird. I considered the name ‘Eddie Mystery’ but that sounded SO corny that it nearly made me retch. Please enjoy.

Ethan Tamerlin: A Ghost in the Attic of Captain Gibb

Another tale of an American traveler: A year after his adventures in India, Ethan travels back to his favourite place in America: Cape Cod. After befriending a local who offers him lodging, he is dragged to a house in another town; the house of a former whaling ship captain. There he discovers a new definition of both sorrow and terror…I had a very useful map for the different locations. Everything in here is as accurate as possible with regards to locations, towns, and landmarks. The names of the beaches and harbors are as written in the Atlas of Barnstable County by George H. Walker & Co. published in 1880, which is a full 25 years after this story takes place.

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