Tell Payne

I have been reading, writing, drawing, imagining my whole life.  There is something about creation which calls me to explore places I have never yet been, or have long since left in some other life.  I have boxes upon boxes of words which I do, despite what my friends say, plan on showing the light of day once again.I look forward to exploring your universe here at Elfwood, just as I hope you enjoy mine! I like I enjoy the outdoors. I have been roaming amongst wild things since I could walk. I practice martial arts and the tin whistle, both of which I have a long way to perfect, haha. I write and draw, well doodle. Favourite movies The (Rankin/Bass) Hobbit, Planet of the Apes, LOTR, Wolfhound, Fifth Element, Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, RoLW, Red Dwarf, Excalibur, Outlaw Star, Miyazaki Favourite books Let's just say that I need a separate room for my books. Favourite music VERY ecclectic: Metal, classical, old country, some rap, no pop, grunge, punk, new-age, world, viking, etc, etc

The Rescue of Arel

Ruad and Dob arrived home for the Ritual of Manhood only to find the village ensorcelled and Arel, Dob's mate, gone.  Ruad finds the trail of a small band, and they take off to rescue Arel.

Hunting Griffons

Tullan and his band are out hunting Griffons, when a rogue dragon appears.

Surrender to Fate

Kai is leaving Thulheim after Gunnar's death to seek what Fate has in store for him in the Fell Lands.  On his way he encounters shape shifting demons.  What can Kai do against demons and extreme fatigue?


Kai is looking for a quiet place to rest, but he finds a maid in distress.  He rescues her, then she brings him to her father for honor.  When they meet, Kai is reunited with his brother, but it is no happy reunion when steel flashes.

Vauntir Hunting - Pt. 1

Knut is called by geis to seek vengeance for his family.  As he searches for those responsible, a group of highlanders try to stop him from going any further.

Bentin's Wild Ride

My entry into the Reverse Illustration contest based off of this image: