Ursula Vernon

My feelings on bios were probably best summed up by a far more famous Ursula, namely Ursula K. LeGuin, who once said something to the effect of 'It's all in there. All the important things about me are in the book already.' Book, art, same difference. However, for the details--I'm Ursula, I'm 27, I do mostly digital art, and I've been doing it for...sweet god, seven years now. Woof, do I feel old. Prior to that I wanted to be an anthropologist. I think I switched to art for the money, which tells you something about anthropology. I'm a professional freelancer, done a few book covers, game art, all that good stuff, and I'm always interested in work. I like Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau, music by Nick Cave and Tom Waits, elegant insults, teriyaki anything, and swords. I have a wonderful husband and a mediocre cat. I live in North Carolina. Anything else you need to know can be found at the paintings. Prints and cards are available of a few of my paintings, through Ellen Million at this link right here. This one. Yeah. (Thanks, Ellen!) Prints of everything else, and a slew more art, commentary, and my rather weird little comic experiments featuring wombats and chupacabras and god knows what else, can be found by clicking on my little 'Homepage' button over to your right. Yes, I take commissions, no, I do not do them for free, they start around $350, visit my web-page for specific pricing, or e-mail me. Finally, in response to a few frequently asked questions--if you'd like to see more art, just click over on the sidebar to go to my webpage, which has scads more, and yes, if you like the writing that accompanies it, (I hear it's the best part) I do have a novel lurking on the Wyvern's Library, again, on the sidebar on your right. And check out my online comic, 'Digger,' featuring wombats, gods, oracular slugs, and much more at Graphic Smash!