Angel of Babylon II

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Ursula Vernon

So I did the first 'Angel of Babylon' piece, and sat back, and before the pixels were even dry (in a manner of speaking) I realized that I had more to say, damnit, and that I didn't quite know what I was saying. At one point I cornered my boyfriend and announced, in tones of horror, 'I think...I've realized...that I'm still pissed at Christianity.' To my mild surprise, he did not immediately fall to his knees in dismay at this pronouncement, but instead gave me his usual long suffering look and said 'Aren't we all.' Well, yeah, maybe, but arrogant as I am, I had thought that I'd managed to graduate to a sort of condescending tolerance, seperated me from the weenie 'Ooo, I'm so angry!' rebellions of youth. Sigh. But there it was, a perfectly good bit of irritation, wrapped around with elegant symbolism and just begging to be mined out for artistic purposes. Who am I to argue with the muse? The Whore of Babylon. Might as well make her an angel--Death is an angel, Azaezel, and he serves a neccessary function, right? If there wasn't death, then eternal life isn't real interesting. So why not Lust or Sin or whatever this classical lady is? She serves the same function--someone's got to be the mother of harlots so that we can have saints by comparison. It's a dirty job, and she has to do it. At the very least, she deserves a certain sympathetic handling. So I hammered out this piece in a sort of crazed three day artistic madness. Maybe it's the Angel of Babylon. Maybe I'm completely nuts and it's just a chick with grafitti wings and a serpent coming alive off the walls. I dunno. I just work here. (Pose after French vintage erotic postcard--far better stuff than modern erotica, if you ask me, because the women were lush and gorgeous and real and were not skeletons shot up with silicone.)

Published More than a year ago

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