Brotherly Love

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Val Barry

Darfein groaned as he stumbled below deck. The ship was rocking wretchedly in the storm and the drow rogue had found out the hard way why no one else had decided to stay on deck. But he'd thought it would be amusing--or at least a bit of a thrill--to challenge the storm to strike him down. Whereas it had not done that, the dark elf's stomach was certainly twisting now. He could not help but gag and spat often. Darfein's temperature had risen and he flopped onto the edge of the cot, tugging on a loose shirt over his sweating, previously-bare upper torso. Even with the added warmth, he was shivering though. Darf cursed under his breath. Zanza looked up from his position upon his own cot in the small room. The ship was lurching but the smaller drow was not seasick. He'd found a rythmn to the waves rocking, and being a druid he naturally picked it up quickly. Any queasiness he'd started to develop had left within moments. Zanza frowned to see his brother so ill. Yet again, it proved Darfein right. But Zanza hhad to guess, Darfein still wouldn't learn his lesson about foolish acts. Crawling off his bed, the smaller dark elf curled against his brother, to try to help by offering his own body heat. Still Darfein sneezed, coughed, and wretched. Zanza just snuggled closer, trying his best to offer comfort. But just then a bolt of lightning struck the ship. The electrical energy channeled through the vessel and right into the druid's form. His teeth chattered and his muscles spazzed. Hair bristling more than usual, Zanza groaned and tried to shake off the effects. But not even a minute later another blast ripped through, and again the druid was injured. His body could not take it. Too much, the drow slipped unconscious and began to convulse. Darfein quickly snatched his brother close, cradling the seizuring druid. Both drow were ill, both were trying to help each other, but there is only so much brotherly love can do... thinking of maybe trying to color this...heh... I actually rather like how it turned out...I felt so bad for them but knew it would make such an emotion, great picture heh

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