Valerie Higgins

Valerie (Valdary) Joanne Higgins loves to write weird poems and fantasy stuff, she has been an artist on Elfwood for several years and has now decided to post some of her writing as well. Her poetry book "My Unicorn Walks me Home" is available at and she is currently working on another volume provisionally titled "Who I Most Truly Am". I like Fantasy, Sci-fi, GIMP, Linux, Raqs Sharqi, Favourite movies Firefly, Serenity, Bewitched (the series not the film), Doctor Who, Torchwood, Favourite books The Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert, The Portable Door by Tom Holt

In The Light of Einstein

A poetical description of life in a human colony on the moon Ge which orbits the planet Poppins lit by a star called Einstein.


Based on the old legend of sowing dragons teeth in the ground to raise an army, here is the story of Herifa who acquired such a tooth as a trinket. First published in that excellent online magazine for fantasy artists and also published in my book 'My Unicorn Walks Me Home'

email from dav 5

The correct title for this poem is 'From: eburst.radiocom/orig_dav5.dest_sol3/stafflttrs/personal/terraformteam26a/bioculturatistRStevens' but that wouldn't fit in the title space. Serve me right for being pretentious. Anyway this is supposedly an interplanetary email/radio signal from a member of a terraforming crew helping to set up a new colony on the planet Dav 5.

The Wrekin Giant

This is my own retelling of a local folk take about the origin of The Wrekin hill. The most common version of the tale has the giant carrying a shovel full of earth to bury Shrewsbury, but the version I was told as a child said it was a stone in his shoe so that's the version I have told here. The Ancient British name of The Wrekin was Cair Gwericon, cair or caer means hill or mountain but we have no recorded meaning for the word gwericon so I have taken it for the name of my giant.

Sarie Bel The Water's Child

A drover falls in love with a water nymph with predictably fatal results.

Launch of Naiad Sulis

The correct title of this poem is 'Stev Rowlands and the Naiad Sulis' which is slightly too long to fit in the title space. A poem about the launch of the first manned interstellar spacecraft and her pilot Stev Rowlands

Ninja Lolita

A young ninja girl finds and unusual way to kill a werewolf


A husband is jealous of his wife's pet


This poem is the story of a boy who defended the children of his village from a dragon, Previously published in EMG-zine and the book 'My Unicorn Walks Me Home'

The Ring

Rings of power are not always easily recognized

Snow Globe

A girl is trapped by a spell


An avatar of the Mother Goddess is given birth to by a pig and confers blessings on the village harvest until she is seen by a young prince with dishonourable intentions. Inspired by stories of the Celtic goddess Ceridwen and written to celebrate the Year of the Pig. First published in EMG-Zine

Troll Phone

You can see young people at night from a long way away by the light emitted by their mobile phones, I've always thought that was risky behaviour.