Einstein Eclipsed by Poppins viewed from Ge

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Valerie Higgins

An illustration for poem "In the light of Einstein" Our sun appears much smaller in the sky,   In theory there is a different colour to the light,   But its dangerous to look directly at the sun,   And the human eye is swift to adapt its sight.     Hours at a time you could easily forget,   That Sol is shining the other side of the Milky Way,   But each clipse eve and each clipse dawn is a reminder,   That here on Ge it is hard to define a day.     The day by official definition,   On Ge is about as long as eighteen months on the Earth.   By rights we should be alternately burned and frozen,   But Planet Poppins shelters us from cold and dearth.     For ten hours in every thirty,   The eclipse of Einstein by Poppins shelters us from glare.   Nightside is a dark winter longer than any faced on Earth.   The light of Poppins makes life just possible there.     For “Good Day” then we say “G'dOrbit”,   Say “sunb'ind” not “sunset” (clipse eve sun goes behind not down).   “Clipsend” serves us for “sunrise” as Einstein comes back out.   “True Dawn” brings wild springtime celebrations to town.     We use our days as calendar years,   True year on Ge is eight hundred and fifty two Earth years long.   Einstein is a blue star which is burning fiercer than Sol,   Poppins' orbit is wide so sunlight is no more strong.     Practically perfect conditions,    Circling a gas giant upon an Earth sized moon, for life to thrive.   We work and play and live our lives in the light of Einstein.   And tell tales of Earth, Moon and Sol in our silver hive.   poem written by me, Valerie Joanne Higgins This and other poems available in my book "My Unicorn Walks me Home"  http://www.cafepress.com/valdary.130392414

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