valentious view other art dat havn't been uploaded to elfwood please visit the site above.copy and paste in address bar. I JUST RECENTLY GOT INTO COMIC ART.THANKS TO JIM LEE.IVE SEEN HIS ART WORK SO I WANTED  TO START MY OWN,ever since ive been doing more work than usual.i also would like to take time to make a book and tatoo designs. i would like to go into computer visual arts but i haven't the chance to buy a wacom the caribbean it's kinda difficult to get one even if i have the beeing here on elfwood is great.i'll reply to all comments sson as possible.Ask for my art work i have differnt tendances and styles due to my mediums and the paper i use.if i have drawings on printer paper i would use a steadtler mars mechanical the lines are some what amplified than usual.this is simply because the priter paper dosn't have much resistance against artist inks.but when i use other paper such as a 80lb or a 120lb sheet of cold or hot press i get out  cleaner stroked  lines. I HARDLY EVER FINISH ANY OF MY DRAWINGS..I DON'T NO Y,MAYBE CUZ I ALWAYS GET NEW STUFF TO ADD O THEM.I DRAW MOSTLY EVERY DAY, KILLS TIME AND IT CONSTRUCTIVE.OR WHEN SOME ONE $$$$$ UP MY DAY.IT'S ALRITE DOWN IN THE CARIBBEAN.IF GLOBAL WARMING DON'T KILLS UP AM SURE THE MUSIC WILL....  I like EVERY THING FROM GIRLS- CAR TO MY SLEEPING IN A CASKET.NOTHNG GETS ME DOWN ..ILLUSTRATION,CONCEPT ANY THING TO DO WITH DRAWING. Favourite movies LOTR Favourite books LOTR,the simarillian,the dark tower... Favourite music DISTURB-DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS RAMSTIEN -ANGEL