Valériane Duvivier

Wow, it was about time I change this bio... First, thank to all those who come here and comment so kindly on my works. I'm thinking of taking back some of the olders (in fact, half the gallery) and putting other new pics, but this part will wait. I wanted to say this in particulary: I'm a yaoi fanart and ficwriter, I deal with narrow minded and easily offensed people on a daily basis, if you don't like YAOI / SLASH / BOYS DOING NAUGHTY THING TO OTHER BOYS then scamper off. Any flame will be used to roast marshmallow before being erased. If you try to flame me anyway, ok, do your worse, but be ready to deal with a very bitchy PSMing Valériane. Be really ready. On the other hand, people open minded, kind, or /and fan of yaoi are welcome here ^_^