Children of the Nexus centers around the lives and adventures of four friends who learn they've inherited the abilities of an ancient and powerful entity.  As their powers begin to awaken, they find themselves thrust into a a war between Order and ChaosThis story is one that I've been knocking around in my brain since I was like five.  Back then, it was a crude pemcil-drawn series of comic books done on printer paper, and it featured a group of antrhopomorphic dinosaurs with elemental-based superpowers as the main protagonists.  Needless to say, I've done some major revisions since then (no more dinosaurs for starters), though some aspects of the original story have endured.I feel that I should warn you; when it comes to my writing, I'm an incorrigible perfectionist.  I also have to be in the right mood to work on my story, because it's hard to be creative if you're heart's not in it.  It is for these reasons that there are times when updates might be few and far between,  though maybe having people encouraging me to keep writing will give me the kick in the rear that I need.  Only time will tell...To those who read the work I post here, I welcome any feedback as long as it's constructive, so feel free to comment...even if it's just to point out a typo. CURRENT PROGRESS~ Chapter 7 has been posted~ Working on Chapter 8 CURRENT DISTRACTIONS~ Webcomics~ Browsing message boards~ TV~ Life in general~ Selling our house and getting ready to move I like Drawing, writing and gaming (console and computer) Favourite movies Eragon Lord of the Rings Star Wars James Cameron's Avatar Futurama Cowboy Bebop Avatar: The Last Airbender (the animated series that is...didn't care much for the movie) The Legend of Korra How to Train your Dragon Dragons: Riders of Berk Favourite books The Adventures of King Midas (old but entertaining) The Fire Within Icefire Firestar Forest Keep The Hobbit Favourite music Heavy Metal and Alternative

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 7

- Preparing for the Big Day -Terrina's friends and family work on putting together her birthday surprise!

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 6

- Contaminated -Strange events following an accident at the research facility.

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 5

- A Friendly Duel -Damien and Terrina have a battle using the Ven-Dalkor's training simulator.

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 4

- Ven-Dalkor Manor -Damien gets his first look at Terrina's home and meets another member of the Ven-Dalkor family.

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 3

- Bonds of Trust -Terrina takes a chance and reveals a secret about herself and her family that catches Damien by surprise.

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 2

- New Friends -Alren and Terrina give the new kid in town a warm welcome.

The Children of Nexus - Chapter 1

- The New Kid -Forty-two years have passed since the events in the prologue, and we now follow two teenagers as they go about their typical after-school routine.

The Children of Nexus - Prologue: Part 2

- The Offer -A meeting that will forever change the course of history...

The Children of Nexus - Prologue: Part 1

- Visitors -The tedium of a typical night shift is broken by the arrival of unexpected guests...