I am, as my friends call me, the Vampire-Hobbit, due to the fact I look like a Hobbit, but have some more vampiric-qualities. Off paper and off-line, I'm a recusive and (I'm told) eccentric artist and musician. When I don't have to be at work or school, I'm most often found to be working on my stories (I'm a novelist) and the artwork that goes with them. Most of my pictures are of characters from my novels, but lately I've done a little fan art and some self-portraits. God inspires all of my art and music, though my writing is heavily influenced by Tolkien; my art is heavily influenced by animae as well. I work (and live ;-) ) primarily in fantasy, most often writing about the world of the Noc Populus; a world of my own creation, where all of the old myths are true...just not in the way Humans think they are... I also do fan fics for fun. Some of my favorite fictional characters are Erik (topping the list), from Gaston Leroux's 'The Phantom of the Opera', Mordion, from Diana Wynne Jones's 'Hexwood', Death, from Terry Pratchett's Disc World series, the 'monster' from Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstein', Zelgadis Graywer, from Hajime Kanzaka's 'Slayers', and Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler), from the X-men series. My current goal is to get into the University of Florida's graduate program, to be an English major, get a MA and a Ph.D Eventually I want to teach collegiate English, and publish my novels.